Our First Showroom

Since SG Luxury Design launched last June we have had a singular goal. To grow and launch our own showroom.

Trying to discover the perfect location and then the perfect building was by far and wide our largest challenge. Competition for retail space in all the same old by-ways and haunts meant prices were hugely inflated.

Our solution? Lets open somewhere a little off the radar. Somewhere where you can still get a pretty good footprint and have enough left to really invest in the showroom decoration.

In partnership with Northbrook Furniture we found an ideal spot just 30mins west out of London in a trading estate that was actually quite clean and with accessible on-road parking.

Job done – next was to start working on bringing together collections from our favourite partners to really showcase the diversity in production that we have become known for.

Luxurious velvets and shagreen mixed with brass, bronze mirrors and powder coated steel. All combine to create a feast for the senses.

Bedrooms are way more fun with crazy over the top pieces that really bring a sense of contrast.

But not forgetting what brought us here. Deep buttoning, intricate stud work, luscious piping.

Lots of different shapes and materials are mirrored in our choice of accessories too:

So thats our showroom. It took a long time and some honest hard work to execute. From humble beginnings but we are proud and if you are interested in seeing our products first hand please do get in touch (info@sg-ld.com).