Our Love affair with the Bar Stool

Photos credit to Walk Interior design

Our Love Affair with the Bar stool

As we enter the festive season when families around the country will gather to celebrate, there is one essential piece of furniture which gets called upon to work over time. Synonymous with good times and pleasant memories the humble bar stool has been the subject of much scrutiny by our designers this last month. Coming up with 3 unique and elegant new designs which capture the luxurious nature of our handiwork has not been easy but we are very proud of the results. So much so that we have even created a bespoke bar unit to match:

Eton Bs

Following on from the enormous popularity of our Eton dining chair we designed the Eton bar stool. We created a bespoke metal foot guard available in both brass and chrome finishes and fixed onto solid black American walnut and the results were a comfortable yet stunning seat that you wouldn’t mind sitting in for 2hrs +.

Booker Room


Seen here in a stunning Kensington mews project the Eton barstools can be custom made to match the room.


The Nero stool with its arched back and cut out lumbar region give both a reassuring solidness whilst retaining an air of levity.

The perfect match for our bespoke bar unit seen here in a private bar room project.


Finally the latest addition to our collection; the Ridgemont bar stool. Gracious and full of Art Deco charm the carefully curved back legs balance the perfectly scalloped back.

With November almost at an end we still have one more surprise to come through. The new Leabank bar stool which will be completed in the next week.

For more information or for any details as always please feel free to get in touch: info@sg-ld.com.