Private Residence – Leeds

This private commission saw the interior designers working with a sophisticated mixture of spring inspired prints, luxurious velvets and state of the art metallic faux leathers. Blended together perfectly to create a modern yet harmonious setting. The pieces used were our Compton sofa and Mundo upholstered coffee table and bespoke armchair and pouf.

Private Residence – Potters Bar

Another incredible scheme put together by the hugely talented Kat Henham. Choosing natural fabrics with soothing neutral colours. Kat helped develop the new pieces for this project: Albarn, Clermont sofas, Morrison and Dempsey headboards, Radnor sofa and Fitzroy chairs.

Show Home – Marylebone

A very bold design incorporating luxurious carpets, wall units, curtains and lighting. Our client brought together some incredible combinations of fabrics to create a warm and inviting scheme. The 5 bedrooms housed: Chopin. Sandhurst, Freida, Lindsey and Imbari headboards whilst the living played host to some Compton sofas and bespoke armchairs.

Private Residence – Knightsbridge

In the heart of Knightsbridge this luxury three bed apartment was completely renovated by one of our most thoughtful and considered clients. Using semi classical pieces with lots of neutral fabrics the end result was an airy and warm space which felt spacious and natural.

Private Residence – Winchester

This stunning private games room bar was designed and created under the experienced eyes of this talented designer whom specified a metallic textured faux leather that brought out the luxurious nature of this piece. Matching poufs and our Nero bar stools finished the room perfectly.

Private Residence – Kensington Mews

Working closely with the designer on this project we developed original new designs including the Mikado range of furniture which uses the Moroccan style of floor cushion and mixed in contemporary brass. The whole project’s inspirational vision came directly from the designer who specified a luxurious blend of velvets and green/taupe patterned fabric throughout this amazing Kensington Mews.

Private Residence – Surrey

Bold expression fabrics married with soft natural show-woods. This is the signature of this wonderfully empathic designer who put together this project. Balancing exotic and precious leathers and neutral fabrics to create a balanced naturalistic yet modern project

Private Residence – East London

Wonderfully modern and sharp pieces accent with a hint of retro influence. The pieces here balance beautifully thanks to the experiences design team.

Private Residence – Braintree

Adapting a modern classic deign and adding an articulated stud line meant this bespoke piece takes centre stage for this charming and elegant private residence.

Private Residence – Chelsea

Working with a distinctly more traditional style the designer has created the prefect mix of elegant timeless designs blended with modern sophisticated fabrics.

Private Residence – Harrowgate

This amazing project brought together sophisticated fabrics and soft comfortable designs to generate and elegant and tranquil living environment. The designer and her team created an artistic and tasteful home.

Private Residence – Hertfordshire

The colourful yet tranquil combination of fabrics, colours and texture created an exceptional room set. We were proud to work with a talented design team in supplying the seating.

Private Residence – Kensington

Comfortable, elegant and luxurious. These sofas and armchairs designed by the interior designer on this project looked and felt incredible.

Private Office – Saville row

Working to designs created by this outstanding designer we produced the corner sofa and coffee table for this luxurious offices in Saville Row.

Private Residence – Pimlico

Working with the visionary designers we created occasional furniture for this vibrant and light refurbishment property.

Private Residence – Cheshire

We were exceptionally happy to get involved in this amazing mansion project and working alongside the design team supplied the headboards and divans.

Private Residence – Manchester

Working with exceptional designers we created these two giant seating systems for a premiership footballing legend.

Private Members Club – Mayfair

Working with the designer we created three distinct bespoke seating styles for this private members club. Elegant and comfortable the pieces included solid walnut plinths and legs.

Private Residence – Hampstead

Strong sweeping curves and luxurious velvet blend to create this incredible room set.

Private Residence – Pinner

Working directly with both the designer and the client we created this design scheme which is both clean and sophisticated. The base fabrics are elegant and luxurious and the combination of exciting and unusual colours and patterns in the scatter cushions brought the house alive.